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Pemberton Appliance in Salisbury, Maryland offers gas conversion services to make sure your appliances run how you need them to, and do so safely and efficiently. Whether you need to convert your existing gas appliances to propane or natural gas, Pemberton Appliance has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

All of our technicians are certified and trained in the latest safety standards, so you can rest assured that your conversion will be done correctly and safely. With high quality work and excellent customer service, Pemberton Appliance is the perfect choice for gas conversion service in the Wicomico County area.

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Gas Conversion: How It Works

When transitioning between different types of fuel, it is important to be aware of the physical properties that differentiate them. Propane is denser than air, while natural gas is less dense than air. This difference in density needs to be taken into account when modifying gas lines from the house to the burner tips. In many cases, the gas lines running to propane (LP) units are smaller than what is necessary for running the same appliance on natural gas.

This necessitates the need for a larger gas line. For example, if the current gas line running into your home is ½”, then at least ¾” line will be needed for the conversion to natural gas to ensure that the appliances in the home function properly. However, this is dependent on size and it must be correctly sized for the transition from propane to natural gas. In some cases, certain parts of the gas lines will be correctly sized and can be used in this transition process, while in other cases the lines will need to be removed and larger lines installed.

And remember, only licensed installers should be doing this sort of installation work. Our team at Pemberton is certified to inspect and service your system to bring natural gas to your home.

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Propane to Natural Gas Conversions

It’s also important to acknowledge the process for proper conversion of gas appliances from propane (LP) to natural gas with the use of special regulators and orifices that allow the proper amount of gas into the burner so that it can burn correctly. And remember, not all appliances can be converted. Depending on the age, make and model, and type of appliance (hot water heater, gas log, furnace), some have conversion kits available while some do not. These should only be put on by factory-authorized appliance representatives or certified Natural Gas installers.

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Pemberton Appliance: Maryland’s Gas Conversion Experts

Pemberton Appliance Co., Inc. is certified in both Maryland and Virginia in both propane and Natural Gas installations. We sell, service, and install all types of gas appliances both propane (LP) and natural gas and run gas lines for the appliances as well. We also coordinate tie-in service with your respective fuel supplier, so that we are your full service, one-stop shop. From generators to grills, logs to gas lights, and all the gas lines in between — we can help you with all your gas conversion needs.

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