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Gas Fireplaces are enjoyable to have.

Do I Need An Existing Chimney For My New Fireplace?

We get this question a lot at Pemberton, and the answer is no! One of the great things about gas fireplace systems is that they can be placed almost anywhere and unvented gas systems don't even require ducting of any sort for exhaust. It's important to note that vented gas fireplace systems still do require a vent, but not a large roof chimney, usually this can be similar to a dryer vent you'd use in your home. With an unvented gas fireplace the flames are behind a secure glass enclosure, where the gas is burned efficiently with nothing released into your home, only the warmth and lovely ambiance.

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Are gas fireplaces environmentally friendly?

In short answer, yes! One of the major gas fireplace system advantages is they are extremely energy efficient. Compared to wood burning fireplaces which need a large amount of fuel (wood) to produce only a small amount of heat compared to gas fireplaces. Wood stoves also produce carbon by-products into the atmosphere which are not good for the environment. Gas fireplaces systems burn their fuel and then it is directly converted into light and heat. Gas fireplaces can also be updated to heat specific areas of your home and not others, leading to increased efficiency.

Are Gas Fireplaces Dangerous?

One of the biggest myths we hear about gas fireplaces is they are more dangerous than conventional wood burning fireplaces. Wood burning stoves produces carbon byproduct and smoke sometimes even into your home, and don't have the built in safety precautions that high tech gas fireplaces standardly come equipped with. With gas fireplaces, no gases or fumes are ever released into your home, they also have a safety-light backup that triggers if there is a gas leak, which if detected, shuts the system down immediately.

I'm ready to get a gas fireplace, where do I have to Install it?

One of the best things about gas fireplaces is that they are so flexible when it comes to new installations. Many of the gas fireplaces on the market today can be inserted within any wall in your home, or they can be installed as an island within a larger room.

Are They Expensive to Run?

Gas fireplaces are much alike to using a gas stove top in your home. They are very energy efficient pieces of equipment. All of the gas that is fed into their system is transferred directly to heat and light, so no gas escapes resulting in efficiency. With their ability to work with zone heating, only heating specific areas of your house, and their efficient gas to heat conversion, they are usually less expensive to run compared to wood burning fireplaces.

Where can I get help if my appliance is not working correctly?

This one is easy, you can call us of course! Pemberton Appliance Co. has been your local gas fireplace service, installation and maintenance expert in Salisbury, MD for years. We can help with any service question or needed repair you may need. If you'd like to get in touch about gas fireplace installation we're here to help. Get in touch or call us today at 410-334-3992

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