Danver Stainless Outdoor Cabinetry

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Danver Outdoor Stainless Cabinets

Customize Your Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry

The durability of the stainless steel resists stain or corrosion: As its name implies, stainless steel cabinets and doors resist stains, but they must be cleaned periodically.

Outdoor Styles

Danver Stainless Cabinetry

The Hampton is a solid panel stainless steel door. It is our standard door and drawer front. It's style is used for end panels as well. The Rio is a flat 1 piece door frame which is prepped for glass, or woodgrain insert, or stainless steel panel (not shown). It is our most popular glass front door. Both styles can be used outdoors.

The Key West is a five piece stainless steel construction when solid center panel is ordered (stock). Grain direction is vertical unless otherwise specified. When prepped for glass, simulated wood grain inserts, or specialty steel insert (not shown), it is a 4-piece stainless steel construction. The Key West is used primarily outdoor but can be installed indoor as well.

Door & Drawer Grill Cabinets

Danver offers Grill Base Cabinets in many door and drawer configurations, including grill bases that include a warming drawer or refrigerator. Be sure to contact Pemberton Appliance if you have any questions.

Danver Stainless Cabinetry

Grill base cabinets are available in widths from 27” to 62”. Grill bases are specified 6” wider than grill width. Include grill brand and specifications for quote or with order. A “trim kit” is specifically designed for each appliance to insure a proper fit.

Drawer & Door Grill Cabinets

Drawer & Door Grill Cabinets

Door Grill Cabinets

Door Grill Cabinets

Drawer & Door Grill Cabinets

Drawer Grill Cabinets

Permanent Protection

Harsh chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid (used when cleaning pavers) and salt from the ocean (salt breaks down to chlorine when not removed) will mar the stainless if not cleaned regularly. To protect the stainless in these environments we offer a variety of maintenance-free powder coat finishes.

Surface Finish of the fronts of the stainless steel cabinets is what’s called a #4 brushed finish with a vertical grain, both beautiful and tested to be resilient. Appliances use a #4 finish as well.

Doors, Drawers and Decorative Finishes

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Our cabinetry adapts to any decorating scheme. You have the option of several door and drawer styles, both solid and open for glass.
  • You can have the fronts painted in powder coat from an endless palette of colors.
  • You have the option of wood grain for the entire door surface or as inserts into “frame-only” door. It’s extremely realistic.
  • The durability of the painted wood grain applied to the fronts of stainless steel cabinets is becoming increasingly popular for outdoor kitchens eliminating the need to maintain real wood.

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